Community Service Projects for Year 2012-2013

Outreaching Program to Raise Diabetes Awareness

Over the past 10 years, the number of people with diabetes in Hong Kong has increased dramatically.  To raise diabetes awareness and promote a healthy lifestyle, we had a joint project with Asia Diabetes Foundation on 4 Nov to provide free diabetes risk assessments for elderly in Mongkok.            View Photos…….

Mentorship Program with the Hong Kong Red Swastika Society Tai Po Secondary School

This year, we continue the mentorship program by taking students of the school to experience Hong Kong.  Activities include:

Ø   Youth Outreach, City Challenge協青社歷奇訓練 (10/11/2012)            View Photos……

Ø   Christmas Buffet Lunch and Christmas Caroling 酒店自助餐及聖誕節報佳音 (16/12/2012) View Photos……

Ø   Visit Space Museum and Watch Movie at UA IMAX 參觀太空館及欣賞電影 (16/3/2013)  View Photos……

Ø   Hong Kong Island One Day Tour 港島一日遊

Joint World Community Service project with Sister Club