The Rotary Club of Peninsula South was chartered on 16 April 1992 with the sponsorship of her mother club, Rotary Club of Peninsula. It was formed with group of professionals with some   of   them,            including  

Charter President Albert Yao, being former members of the Rotaract Club of Peninsula. We were one of the early clubs that has both male and female members.
Since chartered, the club has its luncheon meeting every Thursday, with Cantonese and English as our official language. There had been changes in the meeting venue in the early days until we stay ‘permanently’ at the Peninsula Hotel from 1994 onwards. We used to meet in a private room at Spring Moon, the hotel’s Cantonese restaurant, until the room became unsuitable for meeting after a major renovation in 1998. We shifted to the Nathan Room at the mezzanine floor since then.
Our godfather is Past District Governor Arthur Au of our mother club. He has been attending our regular meeting almost every week in the last 20 years.


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